A common roofing problem for people in Houston is algae. 

The warm, humid climate here in Houston presents the perfect conditions for algae growth, but you shouldn’t just ignore the algae. Not only does algae growth look bad, it can actually be very damaging to your roof. Algae prevents your shingles from properly drying out, which can drastically speed up the aging process of your roof. Algae can also prevent water from running off of your roof properly, which can lead to roof leaks and even internal damage in your home. So how do you rid your roof of algae? Our roof repair experts have come up with the following guide to help:

#1. Read your roof’s warranty.

The last thing you want to do is void your roof’s warranty, but unfortunately, some cleaning methods will do just that. Before you attempt to clean the algae off of your roof, read your roof’s warranty thoroughly to ensure you won’t be voiding the warranty.

#2. Don’t be afraid to call in an expert.

Cleaning algae and moss off of a roof can be very dangerous, as moss and algae will make your roof  very slippery. Stay safe by hiring a professional! If you do decide to attempt to clean your roof on your own, start from the top down. You should avoid using a pressure washer or chlorine bleach on your roof, as these can be damaging.

#3. Keep your trees trimmed.

If you have any branches hanging over your roof, you are more likely to see algae and moss growth. Keeping your branches trimmed not only helps to prevent algae and moss from growing, but it can also prevent other serious roofing issues.