It is easy to put off your roof repairs and maintenance for a later date. After all, you don’t have to look at your roof all the time, so repairs and maintenance are easy to forget about. While there may be some home improvement projects that are safe to leave until a later date, roof repairs should never be one of them. If you put off your roofing repairs for too long, they can go from being small issues to large problems. The following is our list of big problems that small repairs can turn into:

#1. Roof Leaks

Without regular maintenance, it could take months, sometimes even years, for you to notice a leak. By the time your roof leak finally does become apparent, there could already be serious damage throughout your attic and to the wood in your roof.

#2. Mold

Leaks are bad enough as it is, but without proper attention, leaks can lead to even more damage, like mold growth. The presence of black mold can lead to troubling health issues, like severe allergies, rashes, headaches and aching joints.

#3. Structural Damage

Condensation and water from a leaky roof will eventually lead to dangerous structural damage that can weaken your attic’s support beams and leave you at risk for collapse.

#4. Ventilation Problems

Ventilation is necessary for many reasons, and without it, you are at a higher risk for blistering shingles and mold.

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