Poor ventilation is one of the most common overlooked roofing problems we come across. 

Ventilation plays two key roles for your roof: it allows fresh, cool air to enter your attic and it allows moist, hot air to escape your attic. If the hot, moist air gets stuck in your attic, it can cause a host of problems for your roof, so it is very important, especially in Houston’s warmer climate, to make sure that your attic is properly ventilated. The following is a list from our roofers in Houston of just a few of the many benefits that come with proper ventilation:

#1. It helps to prevent damage from moisture. 

If too much moisture builds up in your attic, it can eventually lead to trouble for your roof’s structure, and it can even start degrading your entire roofing system over time. Excess moisture can also lead to the growth of mold.

#2. It can help you save more energy.

When too much heat starts to build up in your attic, it can cause your air conditioner to have to work a whole lot harder to keep your home cool. Proper attic ventilation will allow that heat to escape, which leads to more energy savings.

#3. It helps to protect your shingles.

Too much heat exposure can actually cause your shingles to bake and prematurely age. If your roof is constructed of asphalt shingles, proper attic ventilation will help to extend the life of your shingles and keep them in good shape for longer.

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