Roofers HoustonAre you currently in the market for a new roof? There are many different roof types you could choose from, but if you haven’t considered metal yet, then now is the time. Metal roofs come with a huge list of benefits, but they are too often overlooked. The following is a list from our professional roofers in Houston of the top reasons why you should consider a metal roof:

  • More longevity and durability – There’s no doubt about it, metal roofs can last a long time. The average roof in the United States has to be replaced every 17 years because the sun and harsh weather can cause an asphalt roof to start deteriorating quickly. Metal roofs don’t decompose, and they can handle just about anything that Mother Nature throws their way.
  • Big savings in the future – While a metal roof may cost a lot more now, it’ll save you big in the long run. If you choose to have an asphalt roof installed, you will have to do a lot to maintain it, and then you are likely to have to replace it in anywhere from 12-20 years. Metals roofs are practically maintenance free, and they can last for 50 years, with many metal roofs lasting a whole lot longer. You may even be able to save money on your insurance! Some insurance companies in Texas offer huge discounts, up to 35% in fact, for homes with metal roofs.

Would you like to learn about a few more amazing benefits that come with having a metal roof? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog!