Your home is a big investment. From the foundation to the roof, you want to make sure you provide it with the chance it needs to be durable, efficient and work for you. At Space City Roofing, we can do just that.

With over 50 years of residential roofing experience, we believe that the happiest customer is the informed customer. In this way, we provide you with decades’ worth of knowledge and experience so you can make the best decisions for you, your family, your home and your budget.

Our residential roofing and renovating services include:


Roofing installation is a big investment, and trying to decide not only which type, style or color, but also which roofer to go with can be overwhelming. At Space City Roofing, bringing information to our customers is one of our passions, so you never have to feel alone in this venture.

Window and Siding

Protecting your home from damage involves so much more than a roof. Your windows and siding can not only be a great aesthetic addition to your home, but the right choices can save you money and increase the longevity of almost any house.

Storm Damage and Insurance Claims

When your roof, windows and siding couldn’t hold up, our storm damage and emergency services can get you back on your feet with a home that you can count on. Experienced and honest, we’ll never try to cheat you or your insurance company, and we always work to inform you about all of your options.

Roofing Repair and Maintenance

They key to having a roof that will last is making sure small repairs and maintenance is performed as needed. At Space City Roofing, we will know exactly how often that can be, and when you may just need a repair instead of an entirely new roof.

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